9 Days Kenya Safari 


According to the time of your flight, your guide will pick you up and start driving crossing the Equator to Samburu Game Reserve passing by the Coffee and Pineapple plantations arriving in time for lunch. Samburu park is considered one of the most magnificent parks, located in the north of Kenya, impressive combination between Samburu tribe people with the semi dessert landscape. The park is located 350 km north of Nairobi, and actually it is three separated parks combined: the Shaba National park, Buffalo spring and Samburu game reserve. After lunch take a short break and later proceed for the evening game drive in this magnificent park. Samburu Reserve is a unique wildlife conservation haven, famous for an abundance of rare species of Oryx antelope, the Reticulated Giraffes, the Gerenuk impalas, the Somali Ostriches, lions, cheetahs, leopards, the red Elephants and many more, you can’t have enough of this park including the Gravy Zebras. Ewaso Ngiro River, which means the red river, is the source of life in the whole region. The Samburu tribe, who lives in that area are considered sparkling and beautiful among the Kenya’s tribes. Later on, return to the lodge in the evening for your dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Our day starts very early in the Morning before sunrise into the park for the game driveuntil 9 am when we return to the lodge for breakfast. This vast expanse of remotepristine wilderness measures 165 square kilometers in area and borders the EwasoNg'iro River to the south, which separates it from the Buffalo Springs National Reserve.Forest of akasha trees on the river banks are the main source of the shadow and placeto rest for the herds of deers, zebras, elephants during the hot hours of the day on theirway to drink and back. Samburu is in fact one of the better locations in Kenya to spotLeopard. Wild dogs sighting is also a common attraction to this unique protected areaand Birdlife is abundant with over 450 recorded species.We proceed for the evening game drive at 4pm until after sunsets when we return to thelodge for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast We depart for Lake Nakuru National park. The lake lies on the great rift valley fault and was declared as a National park in 1961 and is a UNISECO HERITAGE. It is one of the youngest reserves in Kenya.

Arriving in time for lunch We start our evening game drive at 4pm and proceed to the lake. It is best known for its thousands, sometimes millions of flamingos nesting along the shores which creates unique beautiful pink lake. We can also find their Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, among others. this is the home of the Rothchild Giraffes and the white Rhinos. We return to the lodge after sunsets for dinner and overnight.

We depart after breakfast at 7am and drive to Masai Mara, the most known in Kenya and probably all over the world and not by chance. The reserve allows to peek on wild virgin natural that wasn’t affected by people all most at all. With opportunity to view one of the nature phenomena in the world, the crossing of Mara river. It is 1500 square kilometers, above 100 memo species, 520 bird species, rich with all the wildlife in a very fettered soil. Arriving in time for lunch, take a short break and then proceed with the evening game drive at 4pm until after sunset. We return to the lodge after sunsets for dinner and overnight.

An early farewell breakfast and proceed for the whole day game drive with picnic lunch which will be taken later in the day under a tree in the park. Masai mara is the home of the big five and never disappoints, we have a chance to see lions with a prey or hunting, cheetahs chasing a gazelle, Elephants roaming freely, hyenas doing what they do best, trying to snatch food from the lions or cheetahs or even hunting on their own, a leopard with a prey on the tree or just sleeping and many more. You can’ t gets enough of the Mara. We return to the lodge late in the evening for dinner and overnight.

A farewell breakfast in the lodge and depart for Lake Naivasha, which is in a very high altitude,1884m above sea level. The name of the lake originated from Masai word: rough water, since storms might rise all over sudden. The great lake is surrounded by swamp and papyrus. Explore the lake and its wonders with a boat ride in this fresh water lake, where the fisherman and fish eagles compete for fish. You will also search the big families of hippos which are residents in this lake. We return to the lodge or Hotel for dinner and Overnight.

A rich breakfast with a great view next to the lake, start driving towards Amboseli via Nairobi, arriving just in time for lunch. Amboseli Nation park mainly known for adult elephant quantity in it, as well with decorative background of the tallest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. After lunch proceed for the evening game drive in this park, that was once a lake then got covered by the lava of exploding Kilimanjaro. This is a home of the huge Elephants. You can see groups and groups of Elephant families walking slowly towards the swamps for grazing on the back ground of Kilimanjaro with its white snow cap. Among the huge elephants of Amboseli there is Masai people, which work in reservation as guide and as guards that help to minimize poaching. Therefore, the elephant population thrives and because they continue growing their whole life you can see huge male elephant with impressive tusks. We return to the Lodge or camp for Dinner and overnight.

Plenty of animals are witnessed here lions, cheetahs, hyenas, buffalo’s resident, wildebeests Giraffes and many more which you can spot in a whole day game drive, with packed lunch in this magnificent park. Return for Dinner and overnight in the lodge or camp.

After a rich breakfast under the sight of the amazing Kilimanjaro, start the way back toNairobi, according to your flight time a city tour.