If you always dreamed about safari in Africa, Kenya is the best direction to take.

From the green rainforest of Mount Kenya through the rift valley lakes till the massive elephant held of Amboseli facing on the Kilimanjaro background, pure white sand beaches with turquoise water exotic beauty.

Along the country they speak more than 30 different languages. For every ethnic group they speak their own direct language.

The English and Kiswahili are indeed the official language but the mix of the languages you hear in Kenya is a good indication about the variety that influence this country.

The biggest city in Kenya is Nairobi. The country is named after its mountain Kenya. There are 67 natural reserves, national parks and animal sanctuary.

Kenya with 582,000 square meters blessed with a rich variety habitants. 

Dessert in the north mountain forest and rainforest at highlands, and the west meddles to the feet of the frozen peaks of Kenya mountain. A vast savannah in the southern east, many lakes in the valley and of course the Indian ocean beaches with amazing cores and abundant sea life. 

From this variety various it is hard to point on one chosen reserve. The Masai mara may be the most famous one, although the variety landscape and animal species is huge.