Known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is nested within the Great Lakes regions of Africa, One of the most beautiful countries with in East Africa: with her ever-green country sides and friendly loving people

The breath-taking landscape of Uganda ranges from the snow caped Rwenzori mountains in the South West, to the semi-arid lowlands of the karamojongo regions in the north. 

Uganda is home to 10 national parks and 12 wildlife reserves. These comprises 3 forested, 4 savannas and 3 Mountainous national parks.

The altitude of Uganda is 900m above sea level, and since it is into the great lakes region it can rain anytime. Therefore, the temperature is not very high and most of the time is constant throughout the year.

The population of Uganda is 45 million people estimated with 56 tribes which speaks their own mother tongue! However, the official languages are luganda, Swahili and English. 

Uganda is a home to almost half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the wild. They are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park as well as Mgahinga gorilla park. This makes Uganda one of the most visited gorilla trekking tour destination in the world.